Skaduwee Stretch Tents has developed its unique brand offering in South Africa over the past decade. It is broadly accessible and appealing as it can be run from home or from a small premises, thereby avoiding high start-up costs and unnecessary overheads.

We offer our clients access to high quality stretch tents and assistance to develop their own stretch tent brand. Whether a start-up or an existing business, our vision is to facilitate business development and growth by offering clients unrestricted access to product and related services including the necessary assistance to establish themselves as a stretch tent brand within a short space of time.

Besides a quality product, we provide marketing and administrative assistance, rigging training services and immediate access to tents and rigging stock. We have an international footprint with distribution hubs in SA, UK and Belgium.

Furthermore we aim to link all distributors and agents to a central marketing database to encourage inter-company communication and provide networking opportunities around the world and to develop a referral system where these businesses can interact and share leads to help promote each other within their specific areas.

Join our success story

Over the past decade we have helped establish well over 250 independent stretch tent rental businesses throughout Southern Africa. We remain focused and committed to small business development and we are rewarded by their success. We take pride to continually deliver an ever-improving product and better services that enable our clients to become successful entrepreneurs.

Our Approach

Our aim is to enable others to share in the ongoing success of the stretch tent product. We created Skaduwee Tents to partner and assist people wanting to start their own stretch tent businesses – focusing on helping others achieve their goals and build their own stretch tent brand.

We offer new and refurbished event tents and we are able to combine our commitment to recycling by using these tents to create affordable opportunities for others to benefit from by decreasing the barriers to entry and assist clients building their own stretch tent brand.

Skaduwee exists to make it easy for any event related business or aspiring entrepreneur to own our products and turn them into a revenue stream without big capital expenditure or high risk.